The Oyster Club

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, it feels like ages since I’ve been out in Birmingham but in reality I suppose I’ve just been visiting my favourite places instead of going somewhere new. And that’s what this is about, you don’t need to hear my opinions on the best burger in town each week, if it changes then maybe its worth comment but for the most part, I write things down so I remember them and that’s always been the number one priority. This was one I knew I’d want to reflect on again.

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The Seafood Restaurant- Rick Stein


A birthday trip to Padstein Padstow


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Cafe Fish, Tobermory

“The only thing frozen are our fishermen”

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Scotland Trip August 2017 Part 1.

Reflections on a long weekend up north

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Inverary, Scotland: Samphire Seafood Restaurant

Ultimate seafood indulgence on the west coast


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