The Meat Shack

Christmas is over. Normal eating has resumed.

A.K.A: We were hungry and too lazy to cook.

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India-Day 7: Ranthambhore National Park Part 2

Another adventure in the Jeep

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India: Day 7- Ranthambhore National Park Part 1.

Safari Day

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India: Day 6- Ranthambhore National Park

From Fortress to Eco-Lodge

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India: Day 5- Ramathra Fort

A move into the countryside

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India: Day 4- Agra- Taj Mahal

No trip to Northern India would be complete without a visit to one of the 7 man made wonders of the world

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India-Day 3: Agra

We head to the heart of the Golden Triangle sightseeing region for the next part of our journey.

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India-Day 2: Delhi

Our first full day of adventuring in India

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India: Day 8-Ranthambhore to Jaipur

One final safari for us before we headed back to city life.

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India-Day 1: Delhi

Jordan turns 40 this December so for the past few months I’ve been beavering away planning a trip to celebrate this landmark birthday. We normally travel for our birthdays instead of giving gifts but for this one we had saved up 10 days of annual leave so that we could extend it beyond our normal long weekends away.

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