About Us


This is us, happy after an excellent dinner in a country we were visiting for this first time. Its completely representative of who we are and what we enjoy- it just needs some cats adding! Jordan and I met over a shared love of food and our tastes have evolved together over time, I still recall our very first conversation on the phone being about Asparafest and what we liked to eat.

The idea for this blog came after a conversation about how often my memory fails me when trying to recall some of the finer details from places we’ve been, in particular some of the incredible meals we have been fortunate enough to eat, especially as the frequency of our travel has increased in the past year. Global Gastronomers seemed like a fitting name for our lifestyle, food is such a huge part of our life and all of our travels are based around what we can eat and the restaurants we can visit.

Alongside our love of eating out, at home we try and cook as much as possible, We don’t follow any set regimes but as two active people, dinner is the most important meal of the day and sometimes, the only chance we get to sit down and relax.

Whilst I’d love to profess to being a Nigella level home cook, the reality is I am time poor, between a long commute to work, roller derby practice and set sessions at the gym my time is pretty much structured for me so I am always the last one home. Jordan on the other hand is a cyclist so has much more freedom to manage his time and the advantage of working closer to home- not only that but having trained as a chef previously (but now an accountant) its fair to say that he does the lions share of the cooking with significantly better results than my ‘make it up as I go along’ approach. He is also an expert at researching all of our adventures and working out the logistics- without him we wouldn’t get very far at all!

This blog is a mix of reviews, recipies and anything else that seems relevant; but most importantly, its our catalogue of memories capturing of all the fun things we have done together.