Vietnam, Halong Bay: Day 5

An early start to see the sunrise

Halong Bay is a UNESCO site of approximately 1969 islands of limestone jutting out of the water, around 40 are inhabited and despite the boom in tourism it remains a peaceful area.

We rose at sunrise for a morning visit to Ti Top, it’s a relatively small island but known for stunning views for those willing to hike to its peak. Whilst we may not be ‘outdoorsy’ people we are always up for this kind of thing so after arriving on the island we proceeded to climb the 400 steps to its summit. There are a couple of good vantage points along the way which are worth stopping at but mostly its a narrow shaded stairway until you reach the top.

It’s not easy but it’s worth it, the view looks like something out of a holiday brochure and without wanting to sound like a cliche, the pictures really don’t do it justice- I hope that when we get around to looking at the ones we took on the proper camera that they are better than what I’ve got on my phone. I was a little concerned about some of the people struggling up the steps but they all seemed fine, I’m glad we went early as I can imagine it gets very crowded at peak times and climbing in that heat wouldn’t be very pleasant.

It was a misty start but we ended up in glorious sunshine soon enough and after snapping away for a while, we descended and spent some time on the beach, paddling in the sea. Neither of us are ‘beach’ people really so half an hour is all we need before we get bored.

Returning to the boat we settled down for a big breakfast and the boat set off on it’s return journey to shore. We sat on the top deck and got another chance to look out over the bay before arriving back at the dock and being picked up for our drive back to the airport and onto Cambodia.

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