Vietnam, Hanoi: Day 3

Train Street, massages and more food

Having done a food tour we had a pretty decent idea of how to get around the city by now, so set off Dr q day of adventuring. Our first visit was to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the building itself is rather grand and the surrounding area meticulously maintained. We hadn’t done a huge amount of research into it beforehand but had somehow managed to forget what day of the week it was and so arrived when it was closed. That said, we weren’t overly concerned as it had turned into a very hot day and we were enjoying being out in the sun.

We moved on and started to walk through the city at a leisurely pace, stopping off when we found something interesting or for a super strong coffee.

We came across old, French styled buildings in various states of repair, elaborately painted electrical boxes and interesting statues.

We had made plans to go for a massage at a centre that teaches it to blind people and that has vunteers who come and teach English to the students also. It’s a serene kind of place as you would imagine and the prices are very reasonable. We both had an hour’s massage which cost approximately £10 each. We were asked about any problem or focus areas and then they got to work.

It was closest to a deep tissue massage in style but that may be a reflection of what I described! They did a good job at working some of my awkward muscles back into a more manageable state. Had we got our flights home from Hanoi, I probably would have gone back again.

Lunch was Banh My, mainly because it’s so easy to find but also because we realised we were close to somewhere that had been recommended before we came. Mine came with ham and what I would describe as chicken floss and Jordan had chicken and a fried egg, with 2 drinks this was still less than £4 -bargain!

Next up was Train Street, this got mentioned in a lot of city guides and blogs that we read so we went to check it out. It is exactly as it sounds, a street with train tracks down the middle. It’s a line only used a couple of times a day but there is hardly any room to move when the trains do pass by. Outside of those times though, there are a lot of people just taking photos, we sat by the tracks having a drink in the shade and watched a group of 3 women spend about 20 minutes posing for photos.(no joke, it was like watching a photoshoot)

There are some interesting things to see along the line so it’s worth a visit if you can put up with the people taking photos.

We later moved back down to the lake but walked to the other side that we had not visited before, we had seen a programme before we left about pensioners doing exercise each day by the water and indeed they do, there were classes and also people doing their own thing whether that be some light stretching on pull ups! Pretty impressive really.

There is a pagoda accessed via a little bridge for a small fee. We went across and had a wander around, it’s good for people taking photos but there isn’t a huge amount there, it’s pretty and takes about 10 minutes to walk around at most.

Day done.

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