Vietnam,Hanoi: Day 2, Part 2- Ngon Villa and Pasteur Street Brewery

Topping off the day

Our first full day in Hanoi and we had spent most of it eating, that said we also walked around the city all day so when dinner time came around, we were pretty hungry again.

Ngon Villa was a local restaurant that had been suggested to us by our guide that day as remarkably we didn’t have dinner plans!! 😱😱😱 It had some pretty good reviews online and wasn’t far from our hotel. When we arrived, I instantly fell in love with the lanterns so we took a table outside.

We decided against having starters and instead ordered a selection of dishes to have all in one go.

We picked grilled prawns in pepper sauce, braised aubergine with seafood and roasted duck (but got duck with peppercorn sauce instead) which came with rice.

The prawns were a good size and mine had been cleaned properly but Jordan had to do his before he could eat them.

Of the dishes we ordered, the aubergine was probably my favourite, it had squid and prawns that were cooked well and the aubergine had held it’s shape and texture and came with a light coating of a slightly sweet sauce and a handful of other vegetables.

After dinner we stopped off for a couple of drinks on the way home, Pasteur Street Brewing is a company from Ho Chi Minh City, this was down a little side street soit was fairly quiet, there is, like most places we saw, an open balcony area so we chose to sit there as it’s not often we get the chance to enjoy a warm evening.

The selection of beers on offer was pretty good but if you wanted anything outside of that category your choices are pretty limited. I ended up with what turned out to be a less than average glass of red wine, because they had sold out of white.

Jordan on the other hand fared much better and had a tasting board and found a nice T-shirt for sale too. I liked the decor but the options were too limited for me.

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