Vietnam Day 1:Hanoi

A brief recap of day 1

We arrived late yesterday afternoon but after a lot of flying we needed to catchup on some sleep so after a long nap we headed out for a walk and to get some dinner. We went to a local bar called Peachy Craft Beer and sat on the balcony watching the market below. They did cider which is always good for me.

We ended up by the lake where we thought some kind of festival was taking place, There were stalls and people playing in the streetswhich had all been closed from traffic. For dinner we went to Pho Thin and had a bowl of Pho each as our introduction to Vietnamese food. The place looked pretty scary from the outside but the food was great, nothing fancy and we didn’t actual order anything other than ‘2’

We also found Chops, a bar with a trio playing at the back who turned out to be great. There was a lemongrass and ginger cider which was something I had never tried before, it was more like a light beer than a cider but nice enough none the less.

Good food and drinks but a pretty quiet first day- we just needed to sleep!

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