India: Day 10- New Delhi

As quickly as it started, it was almost over .

Of all the places we stayed, the sights we saw and the incredible food we ate I definitely fell in love with Jaipur. As a city its the first one I would return to, I feel like we scratched the surface there and that we could have easily have spent twice as long there.

On our last morning, as we were getting ready for the day there was a noise outside the room. I thought nothing of it until the doorbell rang at which point there was music and Mr Singh plus 3 of the staff arrived bearing a cake and singling Happy Birthday to Jordan (I saw this from my vantage point of peeking around the bathroom door as I’d just got out of the shower so there sadly is no picture) I had told our agent when booking that the purpose of the trip was to celebrate the big 4-0 but I hadn’t actually expected anything to come of it. It was a lovely surprise and a good cake too!


Sporting henna tattoos on our arms we made our way back to New Delhi with Sanjay our driver. We were originally due to get the train but there had been a mix up with our booking that meant we wouldn’t have been back in time for the dinner reservation that I had made. As Sanjay lives in Delhi he offered to take us back instead which meant we also had time for a quick bit of shopping. It would have been nice to spend the day in Jaipur as planned but I had been determined to have a blow out dinner for Jordan’s birthday so we had to compromise.


It takes some time to battle through the traffic in Delhi but when we finally arrived we wanted to go to AeroCity- a big shopping complex near the airport which was close to where we were staying. We had said before that we didn’t feel like we had spent much time just wandering in Delhi and that combined with the traffic meant that we set off on foot – it turns out that wandering around isnt really something you can do in Delhi, its very congested, the air is thick and we had to walk in the road a lot of the time. So, we got in a bit of walk but I didn’t feel like I had missed much.

A bit of a lost day really, we travelled for most of it and then headed for dinner at Indian Accent

We might go back to Delhi, the time we spent sightseeing was great but I don’t have any strong pull to return.



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