The Meat Shack

Christmas is over. Normal eating has resumed.

A.K.A: We were hungry and too lazy to cook.

I’ve been posting a lot about India lately, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only food we have been eating (but it’s probably still the best)

Last week, we had a typical Friday night discussion where we consider what we had planned to cook and decide we would rather go out instead.

Feeling undecided we had a vague idea of what we wanted but then spotted a few places we had thought of were still closed for the festive break. Determined to try something new to us and after clocking some photos from Bite Your Brum that had got wedged in my mind we decided to give it a shot.

Slightly off the beaten track and straight after Christmas it was a little quiet inside but at least it meant we got a seat by the radiator.

The menu has a decent amount of variety and some impressive sides.

I ordered an RnB purely because of the black pudding and the bacon crumb. Tempting indeed. Who doesn’t like meat with added meat (Sorry plant based friends)

Spotting the specials menu we then managed to order everything off it, swapping the cheesy fries for the Buff version instead. In retrospect, this was a ridiculous amount of food but we had spent too long pondering where to eat and built up quite an appetite as a result.

Considering the number of people it took a bit longer than I expected for food to arrive.

First up, sides:

I was impressed with the amount of Halloumi for the price ( at a stall I always find it uber expensive) the mayo was a little light in the flavour department but overall it was pleasant enough.

Cider battered onion rings were uber crispy with no hint of freshness to them. I’m not sure what the cider was intended to do though.

The fries were certainly a worthwhile purchase, a good hit of blue cheese. I want more of them, they were great and I was slightly saddened that I was too full to finish them

On to the burgers, it seems my eagerness to eat means I ended up with terrible photos but it’s probably inevitable when trying to hold phone with greasy burger hands.

My burger had a good wedge of black pudding and a decent layer of cheese. The bacon crumb was particularly tasty and could easily improve even the best of burgers.

Jordan’s Rizo burger (I pinched a bit of course) was good, with the roasted red peppers being the highlight for me, as was the bun.the Chorizo was ok and I didn’t get much a chimichurri hit.

Overall, we had a good dinner but we are both big fans of O.P.M and we couldn’t escape the fact that tasty as it was, the actual patties themselves just didn’t match up. O.P.M’s burgers are better seasoned and taste of scorched, smoky metal (in a good way!) and for want of a better description are just a bit beefier in taste.

We liked Meat Shack, I certainly wouldn’t say no to going there again as I think their range is better and I prefer the drink options but it’s not going to steal the top spot for Brum’s best burger in my opinion.

Great but not exceptional.

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