A month in food- October

October was an exciting month, the change is season signifying the appearance of some of my favourite things. Piles of colourful fallen leaves starting to form, a common acceptance that blankets can come out and the heating can go on and the opportunity to spend more time in the kitchen cooking.


Not many revisits this month but we did finally swing by Original Patty Men for a Wing Wednesday, I’ve been in love with their burgers for a long time but the chicken did not disappoint! Also, given the proximity to Halloween I particularly liked the blackened wings adorned with a tiny paper cross.

New places

The Pint shop

My feed has been swamped with this place, we first saw them at Lock and Beer con and their launch activities certainly delivered on creating some interest. We stopped by for a scotch egg and a pork pie but then made a subsequent visit for a sit down meal. The environment is impressive, the gin choice is good but it’s location next to an uber established Real Ale pub is interesting. It’s a little bit ‘after-work drinks’ for me and whilst I enjoyed it, nothing magical happened to give me a pull to revisit. To be honest, I think it’s nice but a bit overhyped, I’m not sure if I will write a review- it feels like an oversaturated topic at the moment but then again a lot of people got free/discounted meals so its no surprise that people have been talking about it.


A much anticipated trip to Barcelona, having wanted to go for such a long time we finally got round to visiting together (Jordan has been several times) Adding to our excitement, I’d been following the adventures of my favourite MasterChef Australia judges who had been in the city the week before and ended up visiting some of the places we were going to/wanted to visit.

Of particular mention was the incredible Disfrutar, spawned by former staff of El Bulli it was, as you would expect, a gastronomic delight. I loved the city and we immediately discussed plans to return again next year. We also discovered an excellent Gin bar minutes away from our apartment- Bar can bruxia. Next on the list: Learning to speak Spanish.

At home

It’s cooking season! I’ve been buying squash and pumpkin galore and have been genuinely confused at the number of Instagram posts where they are used just for decoration. Food is for eating!!!! Comfort food has started to sneak back onto our plates and a huge pot of Pumpkin risotto later became aranchini balls stuffed with blue cheese, I loved these, Jordan wasn’t as keen as they came out a little oily but a few tweaks should fix that.

We have made the first tentative steps into preparing our allotment and have started planning what to grow, I suspect we may be too ambitious but its worth experimenting to begin with just to see what we get. We were gifted a bag of quince so I have had my first attempt at making a quince jelly which turned out better than expected. The apple tree in the garden has given us a lot of fruit so I should probably start making plans for that too.

Next month

Two trips in the calendar, we are spending a weekend in Bruges which despite me visiting Belgium every 3 weeks for over a year is a location I’ve not been to. In addition was are heading to Northern Ireland for a long weekend for a wedding celebration, I’m looking forward to absorbing some of the scenery and visiting somewhere new. No firm dinner plans in mind for the month so we will be trying to sort the allotment out, do a bit more cooking and will inevitably just see where we end up at the end of the month.

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