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Jordan writes his first ever review for our Blog and I miss out on what sounds like a very good dinner!

This is my first written review for the joint collective that is Global Gastronomers. I usually await the final draft from Casey and then cast my grammatical eye over things before it gets published. Casey is definitely the creative writer in this relationship but it’s time I had a go too.

So, this Thursday I met the guys for Thursday club (the first Thursday of every month) and on the recommendation of Conrad Brunton we ventured down to the brand new Asia Asia foodhall which has opened behind the Birmingham Indoor markets. This concept will be very familiar to anyone who has eaten at Hawker markets in places like Singapore or Thailand, lots of stalls and communal dining areas that are famed for cheap and cheerful food that is full of flavour.

The food options are spread over two floors and on arrival you go to the counter and exchange money for a loaded card, the beauty of this is that at each counter you just tap and it reduces your balance. at the end of your visit you can keep the card (£2 fee) or hand it back in and cash out the balance including the deposit. I have kept my card as Casey will be all over this place.

Informative but dull: You can load it by paying with a card but if you do it this way you can’t cash the card out at the end of the night. As a plus, they have a free cash machine by the main desk which allows you to withdraw money and then cash out the balance, later on.


After loading up the card, my first point of call was the bar which is next to the main desk. All of the usual Asian beers are there, Kirin, Singha, Tiger and Asahi. I opted for a bottle of Tiger as I have always enjoyed it when we have been in Thailand. I wandered around the same floor where there are 6 counters serving different Asian foods. We are both off to Vietnam next year so I opted for a dish from Pho Viet as a nod to our forthcoming trip and ordered the Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Belly Pork with Lemongrass, Salad and Rice Noodles). The serving was a great size for lunch or dinner, not too big but and just filling enough to leave you happy. The pork was flavourful with a crispy skin and the salad bought an invigorating fresh element to the dish to balance out the richness of the meat. A touch of fresh mint and lemongrass really heightened the flavour of the pork and the noodles added the necessary carb element. It came served with a light sweet chilli sauce that complemented the food wonderfully. One of my friends had the fried duck tongue which I will have to try next time, I’ve only had these once before and that was at DiverXO this summer. On the second floor there is a Thai kitchen which from previous posts you will know that this is one of our favourite cuisines, next time I’m back I’ll give it a go and see if its as good as the street food hawkers in Bangkok.


It was only a fleeting visit but I was able to sneak in a pork belly bao bun from the stall next to Viet Pho before we moved on. I needed something else and this was just the ticket. The pork had a wonderfully flavourful sauce which had a bit of heat and sweetness, the bun was super light. I left happy and ready to carry on the evening.


In short, this is a great place for groups as you can stay together but still order whichever Asian cuisine you desire so fussy eaters or those with dietary requirements can still find something that is suitable.


Add:10 Pershore street, Birmingham. UK
B5 4RU
Tel:0777 987 6666

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