Quick Post- Harborne Night Markets

Because I really like to waffle on when we go somewhere a bit different or extravagant, I’m going to try and do a few ‘quick reads’ too..


We moved house recently and with that comes a need to go exploring the new area. Admittedly we haven’t gone too far but we are now within walking distance of a few places that were ‘ a bit of a trek’ previously.

Recently we talk a walk to The Green Man pub in Harborne, to visit the ‘Harborne Night Market’ a relatively new venture which sees a selection of local makers and food stalls gathered together. It’s £1 to get in and you can wander in and out of the pub at leisure meaning drinks are easy and you can take refuge if it gets a bit chilly.

There were a good mix of stalls from jewellery, eyewear and bags to homeware, wooden crafts and even a bus full of vintage clothes. A folk band were playing and there are some tables a chairs scattered around too.

We hadn’t planned on doing anything other than look around really but we both ended up with awesome new rucksacks from Cora and Spink , Jordan picked up a pair of glasses and of course we had something to eat.

There were 4 or 5 food stalls, including pizza and some sweet treats. Jordan went for a hot dog covered in mac & cheese  from Fat Snags while I had a trio of bao buns of varying flavours including Jack Fruit, Beef Brisket and chicken.

It’s not a huge amount of food for dinner but it was plenty for us and what we ate was certainly tasty. It’s a great way of utilising the space and did encourage us to head out when we otherwise might not have bothered. It looks like another event has been scheduled for October so hopefully it becomes a regular event- I can imagine at Christmas it would a great atmosphere.

So-  £1 for a wander around some good stalls with food options and somewhere warm to hide should the British weather live up to its reputations.


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