Bonehead- Birmingham

Recently we have had a lot of ‘big meals’ , the elaborate tasting menus and drinks pairings that are incredible, but take a long time to write up!

So in the meantime, here is a quick run down of my visit to Bonehead last week.

After grabbing an excellent cup of coffee from Medicine Bakery and fighting off the urge for a cake I spent last saturday walking off the last of a horrible flu bug I’d been stuck with all week. The afternoon was spent having a leisurely stroll around the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to see an exhibition that was about to finish that weekend and it didn’t take long before I started feeling hungry and regretted not having any breakfast. A bit run down, and not really having a plan in mind, my friend and I headed towards Cherry Reds for some lunch- on the approach we spotted Bonehead (which I had just assumed was in Digbeth when I had first heard about it) and decided to reroute there instead. As it turned out- we made a great choice!

The downstairs bar area isn’t too dissimilar from a lot of venues now, low-key, industrial and covered in posters. It does look pretty cool though and I could easily spend a few hours just hanging out there. from talking to the staff it sounds like they have a frequently rotating list of craft beers and ales on tap- however, still feeling under the weather a lemonade was as exciting as I got.

We grabbed a table upstairs and the menu appealed to me instantly  to be honest it took a lot for me to pick something other than fried chicken but the wings menu reminded me of the Butcher’s Social so I had to give them a go. (That is, it reminded me of the Butcher’s social when it was all hay bales and simple eating, before it moved to Henley-in Arden and from what I hear isn’t as good now. It’s original location has since been replaced with the Harborne Kitchen- which quite frankly is excellent)

I opted for the ‘Smog Rocket’ variety and although I didn’t understand the name at all they were a good choice. For £6 you get a portion of 5 good sized wings covered in sesame seeds with a sweet and sticky sauce (I couldn’t place what it was, but then again all food tasted a little bit like Lemsip by this point) They were very tender yet still crisp on the outside. I added on a portion of topped fries for good measure which came with a spiced mayo and spring onions-I’m not sure what motivated me to order them really but they turned out to be very tasty. My friend had the fried chicken which looked excellent, its a bit of a tradition for us to eat this when we get together so having something that didn’t come out of a bucket with the Colonel on it was a nice change and I did end up with a bit of food envy…

As quick, easy and tasty lunches go I was pretty pleased. It was also a wallet friendly option too and I was even tempted by the veggie options  but as I’ve seen pictures of their incredible looking fried chicken burgers a meat based visit back is definitely on the cards now that I can taste things again.

Bonus points for friendly staff and the awesome soundtrack too- it’s not often I get to listen to Rancid whilst out eating.

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