Singapore 2018: Part 1

The last stop on our Spring Holiday

An early evening arrival to Singapore airport for us, so we jumped in an Uber and headed for our hotel. Our driver was excited to chat with us and share tourist friendly tips and stories about how the living conditions are changing for locals following the ever increasing cost of living and influx of Chinese investment (the locals were in no way happy with this)

Arriving at the Carlton City Hotel¬†we were asked if we would mind delaying our checking in return for some complimentary upgrades (Free cocktails, canapes etc) this was no issue for us at all so we immediately set off to Chinatown and to the Maxwell Road Food Centre. Feeling a bit under the weather, I had some freshly made fruit juice whereas Jordan had a ‘medium’ beef curry that was hot enough to start a sweat! Whilst the meat was tender and the chunks of tofu plentiful it was far to hot for my liking. I loved sitting in the Hawker Market, it was a good way to get to grips with the types of food available and to do some people watching.


After dinner we took a walk down to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and were lucky enough to be there during a Light Festival, we went to one in Amsterdam at Christmas this was more interactive and a good walking tour of the bay area.



The Marina Bay is an iconic hotel and a big draw for tourists. Featuring incredible architecture, a shopping centre, multiple restaurants and an insta-friendly infinity pool on the roof the building is worth a visit- there is an episode of BBC’s Amazing Hotel (ft. Monica Galetti) that gives a good insight into the scale of the operation.

Marina Bay at Night

One of the ‘must-do’ activities is to witness the spectacular light show over the bay, a combination of lights, music and water draws a crowd every night. We managed to find a space with a good view and sat down to watch the show. Whilst it’s difficult to capture (and lets face it, the priority is to watch it) it’s good to have a few shots as a memory.

The show is incredible, and definitely a highlight of the trip. We then took a walk through Gardens by the Bay to see the trees at Super Tree Grove. Singapore by night is full of sights, and the gardens are much better viewed in the evening.


Having finally worked up an appetite and acclimatised to the humidity it was time for a late dinner we followed a recommendation from the staff at our hotel and set about finding Lau Pa Sat Night Market. Not feeling too brave, but finally hungry I opted for a cheap and cheerful bowl of Char Sui Pork, wontons and buttery soft noodles. It wasn’t complicated or fancy in any way but it was perfect.

Pig's Organ Soup anyone?

1st dinner.jpg

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