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Trying new things for 2018 – even if that just means ordering on my phone and eating in my PJ’s


January is typically my busiest month work wise and as a result, I end up with extra long hours, weird eating patterns and zero sense of consistency. Last night, despite having the option to go out for dinner and a few drinks I just couldn’t muster the energy or enthusiasm to do anything remotely sociable. When I am tired or stressed I essentially become a hermit and just want to hibernate at home for the minimal amount of time I get to be there.

By the time I eventually got home, I’d got very little appetite but didn’t want to completely waste the evening or the opportunity to just relax on my own for a while by going to bed and messing up my already confused sleep pattern. After blankly staring at the contents of the fridge for a while I decided to order in and just not feel guilty about not cooking. Deliveroo and Uber Eats have made a big improvement on the concept of the takeaway but where are just outside of the catchment area to pick up the best the city centre has to offer so our options are normally quite limited.

We have a gift voucher to spend at the Loaf cooking school and one if the things I thought would be interesting to try is the Dosa class, but as I’d never eaten one I’ve been putting off booking anything. During my evening of browsing for food whilst flat out on the Sofa I spotted Dosa Mania in Harborne which thankfully delivered to our house. Not really knowing what I was ordering or what I fancied to eat I picked a handful of things that sounded authentic and asked them to write the names on each item so I would know what to expect.

As is the way when you blindly order dinner whilst over-tired, I ended up with too much food but this is what I had (and finished off for lunch in the office today)

Masala Chips

I actually ordered these in error but didn’t notice until I’d already confirmed, that said I don’t eat potato very often let alone chips so spicy shoestring fries are a treat to me.

Idly and Medhu Vada

The vada was exciting, but then anything that looks like a doughnut usually is, it was a pleasing combination of crispy skin with a fluffy yet still quite dense centre. I liked the fragrant but unobtrusive spicing, the difference in texture between that and the Idly was particularly pleasant as were the accompanying chutneys,

I wasn’t too excited about the sambar that came with this as it was mostly just watery liquid without much flavour but I will need to do some more googling before I can comment on whether this is what it should be like.I had expected more vegetables but it was a bit oily

Paneer Dosa

Dosa was the thing I wanted to try the most and I wasn’t disappointed, the pancake was incredibly thin but held its shape well, I love paneer anyway and needed a change from the ways I normally eat it and I really enjoyed this. I would certainly have another one!

Keemaa Dosa

I wasn’t sure how filling one Dosa would be and in the spirit of trying new things I thought I’d give the Keemaa version a go too. This one was full of flavour and equally good. I am definitely going to have Dosa again and want to have a go at making my own and experimenting with some different fillings.

Onion Uttapam

As if I didn’t have enough food, I thought a thicker pancake might be worth a try. This version was topped with fried onions and similar in flavour to the Dosa but with a sponge like texture, of the two I would probably pick the Dosa over this as it was easier to eat

For a timid first step into South Indian food this was a pleasing one , I would certainly go for a sit down meal where I can ask questions and try some other new things but given the circumstances at the time this was pretty damn satisfying. There is nothing fancy about ordering a takeaway in your PJ’s or eating leftovers at your desk at work the next day but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it anyway whilst you count down the days until life goes back to normal.




Glamorous office life-at least I have a nice plate..

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