Gadgets & Gizmo’s- Part 1: New Arrivals

One of the things that is often commented on when we have guests is the array of gadgets we have in the kitchen (along with the multitude of tableware to go with it) Ultimately this stems from years of cooking and collecting mixed in with a multitude of gifts from people who have worked out how much we like food! Jordan sometimes tells a story about being given a mincer as a birthday gift at the pub and getting a few funny looks in the process.

We were lucky enough to be given some great things this year so I thought I’d do a quick run through of them

Smoke Gun: Sage by Heston Blumenthal

This has been something we have wanted for AGES! . Not only because it features on so many programmes that we watch (MasterChef Australia is a bad influence!) but because it has so many applications and seems relatively straightforward to use. So far we have only used it to smoke a glass of Gin Mare for New Years Eve, it was really easy and in retrospect we could have smoked some Rosemary. I’m got plans to make some smoked butter this weekend before I start getting any more adventurous.

I am sure I had one of these on loan but I’ve not been able to find it, that said it was tiny and I didnt use it. The idea behind this is that we could make interesting powders and rubs as well as some healthy snack options and way to reduce our food waste. It is pretty simple to use so last night I threw in some onion, apple and orange peel as an experiment. Time will tell as to whether they are worth eating.

Waffle Iron

Much of last year was spent in Belgium and I ate my way through a fair amount of waffles and that was before we went to America… One of my friends posted a recipe for waffles made with protein powder so I plan on trying those out as I get back into regular training.

Cheese knives

It’s criminal that we didnt own any of these already! This is a cool set with individual slate  serving boards – needless to say after our epic cheese haul from George Mews, Pong and the Good Food Show these have already been a saviour

Keep Cup

Earlier this year I managed to lose all of my Keep Cups or assorted parts of them so Jordan got me a fancy new glass one, I really love these not just because of their environmental benefit but also because they are bright, colourful and easy for me use when I’m travelling. The plastic ones do sometimes retain the flavour of strong drinks so I think the glass one will stop this.

Next time I will cover off the some of the things we use on a daily basis that are essentials for our cooking at home.

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