2017- Year in Review

2017 is possibly the busiest and most enjoyable year I can recall. Whilst there are so many things that happened that I’ve no doubt forgotten them I decided to cover off the food and travel highlights first.



A wintery trip to Belgium for me, January is my busiest month so typically I tend to work a lot of hours and keep close to home. We did however manage a trip to Devon for the weekend to see family and friends.

Our house was also blessed with a new arrival- the Thermomix arrived and despite me breaking part of it on my first go of using it, it has changed the way we cook at home.


We started the year with  lunch at Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons (2 Stars) although sadly the weather meant we didn’t get to enjoy the gardens, however we went from here to the airport and onwards to a big holiday! We travelled to Borneo and saw Orangutangs in the wild and rescued Sun Bears, ate the freshest seafood i’ve ever tasted and had some down time before we flew to Kuala Lumpur for drinks at the infamous Sky Bar and a food tour of the city. In the baking heat we saw monkeys running around and went for lunch in a rotating tower. Our final stop was in Hong Kong where we had dinner at Amber (2 stars & 24/100) and Lung King Heen (3 Stars & 71/100)


My memory fails me, I suspect a trip to Belgium will have taken place so i will have to come back to this.


A trip to Liege and an interesting dinner at Les Caves Gourmande, Jordan rode the Liege- Baston-Liege and I went to Antwerp to skate. As usual, we filled the boot of the car with Tonic water and Belgian beers on our way home. A very physical month meant we both focussed on fueling our bodies for competition and recovery (with the exception of Jordan’s stag weekend in Brussels that is..)


Somehow, a month before getting married I managed to hop over to Dublin and Belgium. We ran around making last minute plans and trying to empty the fridge before we went on holiday!


The standout month of 2017, we travelled to America, got married in San Francisco, drove around California and took a short hop to Denver. We ate Italian Michelin starred food at Acquerello (2 stars) , had a priviate room at Boulevard for our wedding dinner and ate the most incredible oysters at Dom of the Bimini Twist in SF.  Wine in Napa, the most exciting dinner experience at The Kitchen in Sacramento and then a wonderful, relaxed party with friends at the Barton Arms where we had Thai Food for our wedding reception


Another trip to Belgium for me and a visit to London for lunch at The Clove Club (1 Star & 26/100) , we also did a gin tasting experience at The City of London Distillery, went to a Cat Cafe and met Thom Yorke from Radiohead on the way home (*best day ever*)


A bumper month with a suprise trip to Vienna for my Birthday with dinner at  Restaurant Steirereck (2 stars & 10/100)  and Silvio Nickol (2 Stars) later followed by a weekend away in Scotland (I’ve written about most of this already) We also tried El Borracho for the first time and made a visit to 40st Pauls for some Gin which is always a treat.



Global Gastronomers is born!

I took a trip to Malmo, Sweden in September as I spent a long weekend with friends and very nearly missed my flight home. Our food options for the trip were fairly limited as we were visiting to watch Roller Derby rather than see the city. That said, the weekend ended up being almost exclusively Vegan and I tried pulled Jackfruit for the first time.

We were equally busy at home and took trips to Paradise Wildlife Park to have Afternoon Tea with the tigers  and went to the Independent Birmingham Festival We also booked our 2018 trip to Australia, Bangkok and Singapore giving us something to look forward to.



After an alarmingly early flight we arrived for a weekend in Luxembourg, visited the caves and had dinner at Mosconi- Luxembourg (2 Stars). We made our first visit to Harborne Kitchen and celebrated the opening of Tamatanga with a feast


We slipped of to Paris for a weekend and were delighted to have dinner at La Vache Dans Les Vignes. We spent the weekend seeing the sights, enjoying the baked goods and I ate a rather large amount of snails.


Starting with the annual trip to the Good Food Show and a birthday dinner at El Borracho December ended up being a very busy month!

As well as the inevitable Christmas festivities and indulgences, December also saw us spend the weekend in Amsterdam where we had traditional dutch food at ‘The Five Flies‘, modern Dutch in the grounds of a museum at Rijks (1 Star) and Japanese Kaiseki at Yamazato (1 Star) To top off the year, we went for lunch at Dinner by Heston (2 Stars & 36/100) as a post Christmas treat.


Christmas has gifted us some exciting food gadgets and books to play with too- It looks like 2018 will be a lot of fun!

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