Bodega- Worcester

Sometimes, familar is just what you need.

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The Real Junk Food Project Central

Good people doing good things


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Ponte di Legno- Moseley

3.5 on Trip Advisor, would have been useful if I’d checked that first….

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Dosa Mania- Harborne

Trying new things for 2018 – even if that just means ordering on my phone and eating in my PJ’s

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One final hop across the Channel before Christmas


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Gadgets & Gizmo’s- Part 1: New Arrivals

One of the things that is often commented on when we have guests is the array of gadgets we have in the kitchen (along with the multitude of tableware to go with it) Ultimately this stems from years of cooking and collecting mixed in with a multitude of gifts from people who have worked out how much we like food! Jordan sometimes tells a story about being given a mincer as a birthday gift at the pub and getting a few funny looks in the process.

We were lucky enough to be given some great things this year so I thought I’d do a quick run through of them

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Dinner by Heston – London

Chef: Ashley Palmer-Watts (Former Head Chef at The Fat Duck)

Michelin Stars: 2

World Ranking: 36


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2017- Year in Review

2017 is possibly the busiest and most enjoyable year I can recall. Whilst there are so many things that happened that I’ve no doubt forgotten them I decided to cover off the food and travel highlights first.


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