Christmas Countdown-4 days to go

Festive feelings on a Friday


Tonight we had dinner at Sushi Passion in the Great Western Arcade. Havinv never visited before we were impressedwith the decor and the massive menu.  Needless to say the leftovers are in the fridge as we misjudged how much we could eat. Verdict=yum.

Travel: traffic, more traffic and crowded buses. Not the most fun.


I went into the city centre to pick up a few things today and was delighted to hear buskers, Carol singers and Big Issue sellers singing at full volume. Christmas jumpers, glasses clinking at the German market and endless snippets of Christmas songs are typically the things that annoy people when shopping but I loved it. I’m really pleased with the gifts ive got for people and ultimately looking forward to some time off to spend at home.

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