Christmas Countdown-5 days to go

It’s nearly here!

As is often the way when things get busy, all of my plans have gone out of the window today.


No breakfast, no dinner but lunch was a giant pretzel covered in cheese from M&S and a pasta salad- not quite as festive as I had hoped. I was searching for a few nice things to add as small gifts or accompaniments for us and found some tasty looking crackers. We had another cheese delivery arrive this week from George Mews so we really need to start eating it! Our Loch Fyne order arrived (early) so the fridge is now crammed full with smoked salmon and live oysters-Ok hoping they last long enough and we don’t have to eat them early.

Also on the food front I visited The Real Junk Food Project- Central and picked up a box of veg and snacks. I need to write a little more about it as its an excellent concept and they are wkrking to reduce food waste across Bir.ingham whilst also feeding those who need some extra support. They work on a ‘pay as you feel’ / ‘pay as you can’ basis. This is what I picked up today. 

Travel: one more day of work left, I’m not going to see my family ON Christmas Day this year which is really weird so I need to make plans to go and visit instead.


The town centres are rammed and there are still a few tricky people I need to buy for, I’ve made a bit more effort with my wrapping and decorations this year and have enjoyed making things look pretty. I’ve been trying to find things that are a bit unusual but regret not preparing enough in advance so that I could seek out more independant sources for my gifting.

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