Christmas Countdown- 7 Days to go

Christmas on Ice


I missed out on the next instalment of Buffet week in the office today due to some unexpected tasks flying my way so breakfast and lunch were forgetable. Dinner however was  the ‘good all rounder, cheap and veggie friendly’option of Wagamama and as is always the way, my indecisiveness led to too much food . It lulls me onto thinking I’m being healthy and as a result I tend to over order , tonight I had Duck gyoza ( mainly because I love the sauce) miso soup and pickles, edamame and then a big bowl of teriyaki lamb. Simple and satisfying but I left front in need of a nap.

I’ve discovered the ‘Magic Christmas’station on the radio and all of my journeys have subsequently improved.i visited the Christmas market in the city centre today and went ice skating for the first time in over a year. My skates were dragged out of hiding and despite the terrible surface and selfie taking bambi’s I had a lot of fun.


The list of gifts I’ve got left to buy hasn’t shrunk recently so I need to get a move on. I think we are an easy couple to  buy for but we do still have an Amazon wishlist which I think people find very handy. I certainly refer to them when shopping to others even if only for inspiration.

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