Christmas Countdown- 8 days today



Back to reality..


Trips away are fun but the first day back at work is always tough, no matter how short a break you have. I dragged myself out of bed and into the office today and even threw on a Christmas jumper but it’s been hard going, add in a lot of traffic and Redditch friendmas and I am ready for a cup of tea and a sleep. We have travelled a lot this year and whilst it has been an epic adventure, I admit to really enjoying the snow last week as it meant staying at home and doing very little which is quite the rarity.


This week is ‘Buffet week at work, whilst I was originally sceptical about the idea I duly added a few packets of Stroopwafels to the table this morning and expected to see lots of half eaten boxes of chocolates appear with some supermarketmini sausage rolls thrown in for good measure. Thankfully I was completely wrong and the office have well and truly got behid the idea. We are a very multi cultural group so at lunch people gathered around the tables and dug into homemade dishes originating from Poland, Spain,Portugal,India and China- and that’s just day 1! People have signed up to bring different things in each day and it was quite lovely to see people explaining what they had made and sharing recipes. Obviously there were the standard bags of Doritos and Costco cakes too but really did get people talking. I’m looking forward to seeing what appears for the rest of the week.

Tonight was Christmas in Redditch as my oldest friends and I swapped gifts. We have changed how we do this over the years and now have a £10 challenge in place. Having a tight budget means we have to be more creative which means some of the gifts are just for fun but typically not the throwaway stuff you normally find. This year I’ve gifted books, tiny lights, cheese knives, nail varnish and JellyBelly lipbalms along with attempting some crafts too. It’s not too hard to find something interesting and it does make you think more about what you are buying, even if it is a superhero cape and mask…

My gifts are equally reflective of the way we shop, cats, gin and socks with a tonne of glitter thrown in too. Someone suggested doing all of our shopping at charity stores which I am keen on but as we don’t go for disposable gifts I might stick with this and donate instead.

Christmas is coming and I am excited !

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