Christmas Countdown- 9 days to go 

It might be approaching Christmas but we are currently in Amsterdam celebrating Jordan’s birthday so today is a quick post


We covered a lot of miles today, I like having a limited agenda and spending time wandering around a new city. We found a cafe that specialised in toasted sandwiches which was perfect after a late start to the day/late night. We also discovered the ‘triple’ which is a toasted sandwich with a slice of bread in the middle, a revelation indeed! We took a slightly disappointing tour of the Sex Museum but it was still an interesting place to visit but we felt it was all hype with little content of note. Our hotel upgraded our room so we have a weird mezzanine/ bed balcony which is cosy but does sit right below the roof so the rain this morning woke us both up, it will be interesting to see how we fare with the stairs after a few drinks.


We saw a few cool things today whilst mooching around, in particular there were some great homeware shops, one of which sold some glass bottles full of botanicals so you could make your own genever which we thought was particularly interesting. Certainly something we would like to give as a gift. No purchases for ourselves as yet but that will no doubt change.


We didn’t eat much during the day after a big traditional Dutch dinner last night followed by an excellent meal tonight  at Yamatazo which has a Michelin star and will certainly get it’s own review. We haven’t eaten a lot of Japanese food before so this was a good way to try it and be guided by a menu and it remains the only Japanese restaurant in Europe to obtain a Michelin star.

For now, it’s been a long day, so more to follow tomorrow.

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