Christmas Countdown – 10 days to go

I’m going to attempt a 10 day blogging streak in the run up to Christmas, prepare for lots of festive chatter for the next few days as I deliberate my favourite parts of the season, what I’m eating, cooking or eagerly lusting to see under the tree on the big day.


Yesterday I picked up what I have long considered to be the ultimate chocolate treat. Baci. Sadly, they have become increasingly difficult to find (if you know a good source please do let me know!) so when I spotted a bag in Tk Maxx whilst waiting to pay I launched myself across the aisle to secure them (rookie mistake, I should have got more than 1 bag). These tiny chocolates come with hazy memories of my childhood but I always remember them being a treat- possibly one that was gifted to my mom to begin with but slowly worked it’s way on to my Christmas list as the years passed. A roasted hazelnut perches atop a praline like base surrounded by a thin coating of dark chocolate. Each one individually wrapped in foil with a secret note hidden within, not too disimilar to a fortune cookie. For reasons I don’t quite understand, to my this has always been a luxury chocolate which at the time I first discovered it was probably quite an accurate impression to be made for a young English girl from the Midlands. Baci have always made me think of romance, little love notes of sweetness to be given to those you care about, not to be shared casually or emptied into a bowl for a free for all. I seem to think i only had them at Christmas but I may well be wrong. I was excited about opening them up, flattening the foil out as if it were a Kit-Kat and reading the little message within. In all honesty, I ate the first one with such it haste that I made no effort to savour it so another one quickly followed. Whether it is my memory playing tricks on me or because of the impending cold declaring war on my tastebuds at the moment it wasnt as spectacular as I remembered it to be, although the taste does now linger on my memory. Its still very good and comes with a sense of occasion that made me feel as if I should save them as a treat so maybe a few more once I’m feeling a bit better will help change my mind….

Festive Travel

Whilst Christmas is very much at the forefront of most people’s mind, today is Jordan’s birthday and nothing delights me more than thinking of ways to surprise him. Hence I am eating a stroopwaffel and writing this on a plane as we head off to Amsterdam for the weekend. More to follow on this as there are some exciting food plans included in this excursion. For tonight it will be whatever we find as we wander around and get our bearings.


I like sourcing gifts for others but this year I really wanted to make things too, Im not sure if I will have time yet but I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating things, even if it doesn’t always work out (last year involved some very burnt gingerbread) if nothing else I will decorate the Christmas cake that my mom has made. I’m also trying really hard not to shop for myself so that people can have a few gift options available, so when a mysterious box arrived today I was thrilled to discover it was a tasting box of cheese from Pong- a thoughtful and unexpected Christmas gift from friends. We had been talking about trying out a subscription and our house is frequently filled with dairy loving friends so this is an excellent way to try it out.

For now, wheels have just hit Tarmac so it’s time to go and explore Amsterdam for the first time.

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