The Red Lion- Hockley, Birmingham

The best Sunday Roast in Birmingham- in my humble opinion.



I’d actually forgotten about this recent visit and was then reminded after reading a really good post by one of the coaches at the gym I go to. The point being made was how value doesn’t come from how much something costs, it’s about the entire experience and what it means to you- the post compared the experience of going for a bargain carvery versus a proper (yet more expensive) Sunday Dinners at places such as the Red Lion (or the Plough in Harborne) as an analogy about how value is defined. Whilst used to demonstrate the use of benefit of a investing a proper health and fitness plan instead of throwing money at a cheap and cheerful solution for ‘value’ the point is entirely applicable to the approach we take to food. The Red Lion isn’t the cheapest sunday dinner available but the value comes in the quality of the food, the skill preparation and the warming homely atmosphere of the venue itself. That’s the value.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we stopped off at the Red Lion for sunday lunch, we’ve been before and it’s always been good – for us its good value and conveniently close to home. Despite not booking, we managed to find a small table in the bar area which is a bit of a rarity.  Lunch here has a reputation and it’s not unusual to see people loitering at the bar waiting for an available table.  I am sure the other dishes on the menu are good but the sunday dinner is too tempting to pass up, whilst its nice to cook lunch at home, there is a lot to be said for going out for a quality meal and spending the rest of the afternoon putting your feet up when the ‘meat-sleeps’ kick in .With our drinks sorted, including a warm mulled cider for me-food was the main order of the day. Jordan had a slab of pork belly topped with a wafer of crisp crackling which was big enough to prop a door open should the need arise, I went with the Lamb and Beef combo because I’m indecisive, it also meant I had both meltingly soft slow cooked lamb and rare slices of beef . Both plates came with a giant saucer of a yorkshire pudding which was both crisp on top but with a lovely soft underbelly, we had a good selection of vegetables too, braised red cabbage, swede and potato mash, kale and of course some magically crispy yet fluffy roast potatoes. As self-confessed gluttons ( who had missed breakfast) we also ordered a bowl of Cauliflower cheese which was satisfying but if made at home we would use a cheese with a more mature flavour for the sauce.


P.S: For anyone in Birmingham who does want a proper health and fitness plan that focuses on long-term sustainability in a positive environment then I cannot recommend BFast enough

You can see the original post that inspired this review here:

The Red Lion, Hockley, Birmingham, B18 6NG

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