Buffalo and Rye- Birmingham

A quick stop off for a satisfying dinner on a sunday night


This weekend saw us make a whistle-stop getaway to Paris and  as we wearily dragged our suitcases through New Street Station on our return it seemed that our bodies had already decided that we were in need of a stop off before embarking upon the last leg of our journey home.

We have been to Buffalo & Rye several times and in general are frequent visitors to most of the Bitters N Twisted venues but it remains one of our favourites.  The low lighting and laid back atmosphere has a huge appeal to me and after a busy few days it was just what we needed to top off the weekend- and in all honesty neither of us could face the idea of going home and cooking or doing anything remotely energetic!

We were in luck as we had our Independent Birmingham  cards with us and it turned out to be happy hour too so dinner was a veritable bargain! Whilst we aren’t fans of whiskey there were still plenty of options for us on the cocktail menu but we both opted for a ‘Tito’s Lonestar Mule’, the combination of fiery ginger spiked with lime being the perfect kick to keep us going just that little bit longer.

Having had a hefty lunch earlier in the day and being keen to get home quickly we picked a couple of small plates each. As much of the day had been spent out in the cold I opted for a small bowl comforting of mac & cheese and the Reuben hash – purely because pastrami and sauerkraut is one of my favourite combinations and significantly better than similar offerings at the German Market.  I confess to combining the two dishes part way through and using the potatoes to mop up the last bits of cheese sauce, it shouldn’t work but it really did! Not only was it just enough food to stem the hunger without bringing on the need for an immediate post dinner nap, it was also the ideal way to warm up and chat about our trip.


Jordan went for the Chilli cheese fries and a bowl of beautifully tender burnt ends, again- a welcome shift change from what we had been eating all weekend. The warming heat of the chilli was softened by a plentiful portion of fries swathed in cheese. We sometimes order this as a starter to share but it works just as well on it’s own as a smaller meal.

There are an array of venues now trying to do the slow cooked, american style food that has seen such growth in the past few years and its easy to feel fatigued by it all. The difference is that Buffalo & Rye does it right. Always enjoyable, never too heavy and the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to put your feet up and work your way through the cocktail menu. It’s a fairly regular haunt for us and will no doubt continue to be for some time.

11 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5RS



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