The Gin Vault- Birmingham

A quick stop off for some Canalside drinks

Apparently The Gin Vault has the biggest range of Gin in Birmingham (if you believe social media) Whilst 40 St. Pauls is our Gin Bar of choice, this happened to be on our way home so it seems silly not to swing by.

Grabbing one of the few remaining tables (unfortunately located right next to the live singer, who whilst very talented- made it difficult for us sit back and chat in our normal manner) and locating what seemed to be the only printed Gin Menu in sight we first opted for some firm favorites in the form of Monkey 47 and Zymgorium. Served as expected in large balloon glasses our drinks were accompanied with ice and citrus.  We swiftly ordered a second round as crowds started to form at the bar and the volume increased, opting this time for two ‘untried’ options of Crazy Gin (Indian style botanicals) and Four Pillars Gin (because it’s from Melbourne and we just booked flights there for next year)

The Gin Vault is comparable in price to 40 St Pauls but that’s about it, there isn’t a sense of precision to the servings or occassion to the venue and whilst there may well be more gin on offer (some of which are lighter fruit flavoured genever style spirits) it just doesn’t feel as special or refined. When comparing our ‘known’ drinks they tasted ok, but were not served in the optimum manner.

Good for a stop off on the way home, but with servings not too different from Wetherspoons this is not a destination bar I will be adding to my list of must go places. Although it clearly does a roaring trade- even if I did hear people ask for ‘2 shots of gin’ or ‘ 2 gin and tonics, it doesn’t matter what it is’. Not for me.

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