The Shining Stars-A Taste of things to come

Catching up on the backlog..

One of the things I am particularly keen to do is catalogue some of the more extravagant dining experiences we have, it turns our this is a much more lengthy process than I expected as typically we opt for tasting menu’s meaning there is not only a higher volume of pictures to sort and edit, but also that there is a lot more food to talk about! These experiences are the ones I think are most special, not just because of the names that sit behind them or the accolades that they have achieved but because we treat each one as a special occassion, regardless of whether we have anything in particular to be celebrating. So, whilst I continue to try and capture my thoughts on all of these places, I thought I’d share what there is to come. This list is only for those that carry Michelin Stars but be assured there is still a lot to do for those that dont carry this prestigiuous badge.

Eleven Madison Park, New York Current World Ranking:1 Michelin Stars: 3

Gaggan, Bangkok Current World Ranking: 7. Michelin Stars: N/A in Thailand

Steirereck, Vienna Current World Ranking: 10 Michelin Stars: 2

Amber, Hong Kong Current World Ranking: 24 Michelin Stars: 2

The Clove Club, London Current World Ranking: 26 Michelin Stars: 1

Nahm, Bangkok Current World Ranking: 28. Michelin Stars: N/A in Thailand

Lung King Heen, Hong Kong Current World Ranking: 71. Michelin Stars: 3

The Fat Duck, Berkshire Michelin Stars: 3

Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire Michelin Stars: 3

Silvio Nickol, Vienna  Michelin Stars: 2

Acquerello, San Francisco Michelin Stars: 2

Adam’s, Birmingham Michelin Stars: 1

Carter’s of Moseley, Birmingham Michelin Stars: 1

Purnell’s, Birmingham Michelin Stars: 1

Simpsons, Birmingham Michelin Stars: 1

Turner’s at 69, Birmingham Michelin Stars: 1

La Truffe Noire, Brussels Michelin Stars: 1


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