The New Talbot

Bearwood/Quinton gets a refreshing change from the local ‘out of a packet’ options or late night fast food disappointments.


In what was once a questionable looking building reminiscent of a working men’s club ‘Reds’ has been utterly transformed and is now proudly presented as The New Talbot. This is fast and easy dinner, ideal for a late night stop off on the way home with good food and little fuss. In line with current trends across the city, the menu combines Indian tapas dishes with Punjabi style grill options. The beautifully decorated, hotel style interiors are spread across a casual bar area and a more formal seating space. We grabbed a table just before closing time and hastily ordered. A mixed grill platter, chilli paneer and garlic naan are our go-to options and having had almost identical dishes at the Indian Brewery not too long ago it seemed like a good way to compare this new venture.The modest platter of chicken tikka, malai kebab, sheek kebab, lamb chops was good but we probably missed the most exciting items on the menu and late at night there were no exceptional flourishes but it was satisfying nonetheless. A garlic laden naan made the perfect vehicle for shovelling cubes of soft, sticky, spicy paneer which packed a fiery punch into our eager mouths , the intensity softened by the assorted dips coupled with fried onions swept up from the leftovers of the grill.

For an out of town meal as closing time approached it certainly beats any of the other options within the surrounding area and hopefully will encourage some more independant options into the area rather than the bland faceless Sizzler that currently dominates local the landscape.

43a Wolverhampton Rd S, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2AY


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