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My much loved local deserves a mention

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Before moving to my current location, the concept of a ‘Local’ pub was lost on me, maybe because I’d grown up close to one we commonly referred to as ‘The Crook and Vandal’- or the ‘Book and Candle‘ by its given name. Also, drinking culture is somewhat lost on me now and I frequently moan about this to anyone who will listen. The Midland is my local now- this is based more on it being the only pub within walking distance that I like rather being the closest to my house. Once a bank, I’ve always like that some of the original features remain, from the big Midland Bank Mirror to the original safe door which now guards a different type of treasure. It’s a quiet pub but they make an effort to keep things interesting whether it be with live music on a Sunday afternoon, ale festivals or a rather good quiz night. On arrival last night (to compete in said quiz) we were greeted outside and told to help ourselves to fresh samosas that had just been delivered. To this day, I still mourn the loss of the home made scotch eggs that would be delivered by a (now defunct) shop around the corner but there are always some sandwiches or a bit of pork pie on offer should you so desire.

Black Country Ales are the brewery behind this pub and on a normal week you can expect to find at least 12 on tap, with a couple of ciders thrown in for good measure. I’m not a fan but the Whisky selection is ever growing and they have started to expand the range of gins on offer too. Essentially, it’s a just a traditional pub, no TV’s, no gambling just booze and friendly faces. We didn’t win the quiz last night (a feat we only ever achieved on our first attempt whereby one round was genitalia themed) but the music round brought back some early 90’s nostalgia and we got to laugh with those who decided to try out the ‘Wet Head’ game which combines a builders hat and a cup of water played with Kerplunk! Style rules.

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