The Indian Brewery

Birmingham’s finest Indian Street food in a rough and ready industrial setting

Indian Brewery
Image courtesy of Birmingham Evening Mail

The arches below Snow Hill Station wouldn’t be the first place that springs to mind when contemplating dinner options but I’ve become quite a fan of its more aromatic residents. Whilst small in size this is a venue that offers a mighty punch of flavour coupled with a laid back atmosphere to go with it. With exposed metalwork, chipboard and copies of Bollywood movie posters plastered on the walls this has all the stylings of so many new openings and pop ups and the queue of eager customers lining up to try it out.

However- The Indian Brewery doesn’t feel like the latest hipster haunt, with the kitchen on display and cosy communal dining on offer this is a venue that focuses more on what they deliver rather than the trappings that come with it. It is simple and almost humble in style but it works. It’s hard not to watch the ever busy kitchen crew at work as enormous hunks of marinated meat are skewered and naans are stretched for all to see, but this isn’t for show- it’s a case of getting the job done as efficiently as possible in the space available. After checking to see if the Chilli Fish special was on offer (a rare but incredible treat should you spot it) our group opted to share a mixed grill, adding on an extra plate of battered chicken wings with spiced yogurt, a paneer wrap and of course some Masala fries. Once the sizzle and steam of the skillet cleared from the table a mountain of meat treats was revealed, with 7 different components served up, it is a testament to the knowledge and experience of the chefs that each item has its own unique texture and flavour. From bright, boldly seasoned chicken, rich with coriander to succulent tandoori lamb chops there is a good range of flavours on offer and two types of wings so I was instantly happy (I can’t seem to get enough wings at the moment), the addition of lightly battered fish with a hint of spice made for a great textural contrast. The paneer wrap and Masala fries would make for the perfect lunchtime treat but get there early to nab a table in time!

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A range of craft beers and ales are where The Indian Brewery first made its name and these line the bar with guest drafts and ciders making up the rest of the well rounded menu- needless to say, the bar and kitchen offerings sit in perfect harmony with each other and the guest rhubarb cider was the perfect match to cut through our meaty feast. Whilst my priority is nearly always food, there is a good range of drinks on offer to meet any tastes so a relaxed evening with a few beers, a G&T and a plate of Chatt Bomb certainly has its appeal but for me, the temptation of a big feast is always to strong.

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